Mr. Z's RV Park Rules


The park is considered a family type environment where the greatest importance is respect for everyone.
Infringing on the peace and enjoyment of others will not be tolerated.

  1. Non-Residence. Mr. Z's RV Park is a private lodging establishment intended for temporary stays by transient guests and is not to be used as a residence. Permanent living quarters, or structures or vehicles used for permanent living quarters, are prohibited, and any structure or vehicle on the property on the campsites shall not constitute permanent living quarters. No wood, metal and poly storage sheds.
  2. Refusal or Denial of Accommodations. Management may refuse/deny accommodations for any reason permissible under applicable law. Subleasing campers is not allowed
  3. Rates. Payment for stay is due prior to the commencement of the stay. Monthly rates shall be paid on or before the first of each month. Management may change rates in its discretion after the conclusion of a term of accommodation. By way of example, Weekly rates may be changed after each week of accommodation at a weekly rate.
  4. Occupancy. Site occupancy is limited to six (6) individuals, including vistors, per campsite. Single family exceptions may be approved by Management.
  5. Tents/Utility Trailers/Boats. Tents and boats are prohibited. Utility trailers are not permitted unless approved by management.
  6. Children. Parents/guardians are responsible for the safety of their children. Children may not play in roadways. Parents/guardians are responsible for any damage caused by their children at Mr. Z's RV Park and for ensuring their children's compliance to Mr. Z's RV Park rules.
  7. Pets. The above-named individual is responsible for any pet permitted on campsite. Aggressive animals and/or breeds are not permitted. Pets may not be left unattended for any reason. Pet waste must be picked up and disposed of properly. Pets are prohibited from Mr. Z's RV Park buildings and the swimming pool area. Certified service dogs are permitted. Management may limit or prohibit pets in its sole discretion.
  8. Vehicles. No more than two (2) vehicles are permitted per site without prior approval by Management. Vehicles must be parked out of roadway. Only one (1) recreational vehicle is permitted per site.
  9. Check-in/Registration. Check in is at 11:30 am.
  10. Checkout/Departure. Checkout time is 11:00 am. Use of amenities after checkout time is prohibited.
  11. Quiet Hours/Speed Limit. Quiet hours are from 10:00 pm. until 8:00 am. The speed limit is 3 miles per hour and is strictly enforced.
  12. Visitors. All visitors must check in at the office or call (803) 206-8928 and agree to comply with Mr. Z's RV Park rules prior to proceeding to campsite.
  13. Liability. The above named individual is responsible for the conduct of him/herself, his/her children, and his/her guests and agrees to indemnify and release Mr. Z's RV Park, its owners, volunteers, employees, guests or fellow campers of all liability for loss and/or damage to property and/or injury to persons arising from such conduct at Mr. Z's RV Park.
  14. Swimming Pool. The pool is open from 9:00 am until 9:00 pm. from Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day weekend. The pool may only be used by campers unless approved by management. The pool may be closed at anytime in the sole discretion of Management. Glass containers are not permitted in pool area and are prohibited by state regulations. Swimmers and others present in pool area must comply with all posted rules. No person under the influence of alcohol may use the pool. THERE ARE NO LIFEGUARDS AT THE SWIMMING POOL.   RESPONSIBLE PARENT OR CAMPER FROM EACH SITE MUST BE WITH ANY PERSON UNDER THE AGE OF 18 AT ALL TIMES.
  15. Campfires. Supervised campfires are permitted in approved fire rings only. Do not burn trash or dispose of oil. Campfires are prohibited in hazardous conditions,such as drought and high winds. Campfires may be prohibited at anytime in the sole discretion of Management.
  16. Firearms/Fireworks/Explosive. Firearms, fireworks and explosives are not permitted unless approved by Management.
  17. Respect for Others. Profanity, Loud Music, disrespectful conduct, that disturbs the peace of Mr. Z's RV Park are not permitted.
  18. Alcohol. Display of alcoholic beverages is not permitted. Drunkenness in common areas is not permitted.
  19. Appliances. Electric heaters, freezers and other large appliances may not be used at Mr. Z's RV Park.
  20. Trash. Littering is prohibited. All household garbage must be placed in plastic bags and disposed of in dumpster. Garbage may not be left outside overnight. Please keep camper lots clean around campers.
  21. Laundry Room. The Laundry room is open from 9:00am. until 9:00 pm. Individuals please do not leave clothes in washers or dryers. Please try to keep laundry room clean. CLOTHES LINES ARE NOT PERMITTED.
  22. RV Washing and Repair. Vehicles may not be washed or repaired on site without advanced approval of Management and proof of the repair vendors liability insurance. The above named individual assumes all risks associated with injury or damages resulting from RV repairs.
  23. Non-Waiver. These rules may not be waived except in writing signed by Management.
  24. Assumption of Risk/Waiver of Liability. There are risks associated with camping and related activities. Mr. Z's RV Park and owners,volunteers and employees shall not be responsible for injuries or damage occurring as part of inherent risks of any camping environment.
  25. Water leaks must be reported immediately.
  26. Ejectment/Eviction. Individuals may be ejected/evicted from Mr. Z's RV Park for noncompliance of these rules, or any other reason permitted by applicable Law of South Carolina (TITLE 45 CHAPTER 2 OF THE SOUTH CAROLINA LODGING ESTABLISHMENT ACT).

Parents please make your children aware of these rules. Disregard for campground rules, causing dissension among other campers, or conduct deemed improper by owners and management is cause for immediate eviction without notice or refund. The campground cannot be responsible for injury or damage due to wind, water, fire or the negligence of you or others. Some of these rules were made by our insurance carrier and some by the owners. They were made for your safety, and to ensure the enjoyment of your camping experience. Please obey them. They will be enforced.

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